Design & Engineering

We work with business owners, building managers and official inspectors to provide a full bespoke service of system and design engineering, sure to meet the needs of any situation.

Bespoke solutions

We will create a ground-up plan for your building, creating life safety systems that will keep your people safe, while making sure your unique needs and budget are firmly in mind.

Standards Compliant

Standards are not a nuisance – they make sure that a minimum level of safety is met, and our engineers will make sure you not only meet that minimum standards but exceed them, ensuring hassle-free inspections.

Best practices

Lir Fire Protection engineers are constantly studying and staying on top of the latest advances in fire protection technology. We strive to ensure we always design systems that use the most cutting-edge best practices available.

Safety by design

The most important thing about any life safety system is that it will hold the safety of the people covered by it in the highest regard. At Lir Fire Protection, we consider that trust to be sacred and pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record.

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Get in touch with us, let us know your situation and needs, and we’ll be able to provide a quote, quickly and efficiently.

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We are Available 24/7!

We provide a 24 hour callout service for all our clients, with enquiries welcome 24/7 by email and during normal business hours by phone.

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